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Flat-plate Solar Collector

Aug 19, 2010 GMT

company Kang Nam Co., LTD Verified Company
Coutnry/Region Korea (South)Korea (South)
address 537-3 Jedong-ri, Daesan-myeon, Changwon-si, Gyeongsangnam-Do, Korea (South) 641-923
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Product Information

Product Description

•Unified aluminum core case proves quite strong and impervious.

•The high selective copper plate absorber provides a high performed heat

•The copper plate as one layer is the best for heat efficiency, along with
  Beautiful design.

•Flat-plate solar collector guarantees the high efficient, stable 
Performance and best quality, with a certificate of Solar Key Mark
Din En 12975-2:2006

Product Feature

Aluminum Frame – Tempered glass, Preventing separation by fixing and 
Combining Aluminum material protecting corrosion from long life use

Copper pipe –copper plate is welded with copper tube by Ultra Sonic Welding Machine. Transmitting heat energy from copper plate to copper tube is fast, without loss of heat energy.

Bottom-Fiber glass, manufactured with special specifications and preventing environmental pollution materials such as phenol as much as
Possible. Double-structured insulation material is applied, maximizing effcifncy of the solar collector.

Aluminum case-Solid and excellent design with application of deep drawing
Process.Against strong wind, wrinkly design at the back side is adopted.
Low iron Reinforced Glass-Excellent transmission rate of light energy.
Completely broken apart upon striking glass, preventing physical injury.

Sealing-Applying single structure EPDM makes it strong against Long durability.
Titanium coated heat collection plate-Excellent efficiency comparing to black chrome coated heat collection plate.

Heat reflection film-Using heat reflection film in aluminum material cuts
Off a long wavelength, themal rays, thus reducing heat loss.  

Product Specification / Models

Gross dimension – 2010 x 1010 x 89
Flat plate Solar collector


Systemmized solar hot water

Other Information

Contact Information
Youngsil, Ryu
Contact Now
  • company Kang Nam Co., LTD
  • address 537-3 Jedong-ri, Daesan-myeon, Changwon-si, Gyeongsangnam-Do, Korea (South) 641-923
  • fax 82-55-252-7399
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