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HCl Analyzer

Oct 06, 2010 GMT

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Product Information

Product Description

To discharge the pollutants exhausted from chimney pursuant to the standard of 
allowable exhaust, HCl Analyzer in TMS is used by regulating the diluted amount
of pollutants in accordance with the concentration valuesindicated on the measuring
instrument in link of nitrogen oxide and HCL. As Ministry of Environment has controlled
HCL concentration values by lowering them continuously and will control the total
discharge amount, higher accuracy and safety of the data values are required. * By the technology acquiring accurate and stable data values in reducing cost of
waste incineration company and in transmitting data to Environment Corporation,
exhaust concentration of air pollution can be reflected correctly, and also be contributed
to the establishment of the policy against environmental pollution by the government.

Product Feature

1.Metal film electrode is applied to detecting element, so it has better reproducibility and reliability than the 
devices that use the existing rod electrode or magnetic stirrer type polishing electrode. Detecting element has 
temperature regulation function in its interior, so it is not affected from external temperature or chimney. 
2. Drainage of absorbed reagent is serially executed using tube pump. 
3. Sample gas amount is measured and auto-controlled by pressure sensor, so it is accurately absorbed by 
automatic digital control even in pressure changing of smoke tube. 
4. It always operates automatic measuring of analysis liquid, and is not affected from moisture in exhaust gas. 
5. It has high reliability of data, because checking the sensibility can be made every day by automatic 
sensitivity check and  auto-calibration mechanism. 
6. It can display rate value, one-hour mean value, one-day mean value, and error by micro computer control. 
7. This is the system to make accurate measurement of electrode radical ion by removing noncontact section of 
electrode and  liquid by bubble at unit area of measurement electrode of electrode radical ion. 
8. This is wastewater-air treatment system that has the advantage of separating gas and liquid smoothly, since 
it makes gas  and liquid mixed smooth by gas-liquid mixing concave section at the upper part of gas-liquid 
exhaust pipe of gas-liquid  mixer, and gas and liquid are separated in gas-liquid separating concave section 
at gas-liquid separator. 
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Kang Hwa Sung
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  • company Kusung Technics Co., Ltd
  • address 122-871 B-101, ETBI Center, KEITI, 613-2, Bulkwang-dong, Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul, Korea (South) 122-040
  • fax 82-2-359-1416
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