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CY-BAG Filter System

Nov 24, 2010 GMT

company J-E TECH
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address 403 Hi-Technical Center GyeongGi Technopark Sa-dong, Sangnok-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-Do, Korea (South) 426-170
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Product Information

Product Description
Evolved CYBAG filter system, which combines the filter-bag dust collector and the front side centrifugal dust collector, is configured in a simpler way compared with the previous 2SET type collector, reducing the initial costs by 30%. The system helps utilize space highly efficiently and reduce the operating costs by 40% and increase the life span of the filter bag by more than 2 times. To sum it all, the system is appropriate for companies that generate lots of dusts considering that it can help them to reduce the burden of installation and maintenance costs and optimize the installation space.

Product Feature
- Combined into one set (Filter bag + Centrifugal dust collector)
- Compact hybrid dust collector
-  Reduction of installation cost by 30% and maintenance cost by 30% compared with previous collecting methods
- Domestic patent 0242228

For the companies who have a small space for installation and require a higher level of difficulties in collecting and removing the generated dusts.






CY-BAG filter system


One-body filter to process gas and collect dust emitted from power plants, incinerators, boilers and all kinds of sites emitting dust.

Pros compared to products of similar technology of other Korean and global companies

Previous dust collectors were composed of a cyclone and back filter causing frequent clogging of the filter cloth from moisture and adhesive dust, reducing the operation ratio, and causing much cost from having to frequently change the filter. But J-Etech’s CY-BAG filter system has the advantage of being optimal for sites where there is much moisture and adhesive dust and increases the filter cloth life by at least twofold. 

Overall explanation of the product and its characteristics/specifications

The CY-BAG filter system is a one-body system that has unified into one chamber the cyclone and bag filter of previous dust collectors. As such, it effectively removes moisture and adhesive dust, the major causes of filter cloth damage and poor performance of dust collectors. It also innovatively increased the life time of the filter cloth and raised the efficiency and operation ratio of the dust collector. In addition, compared to existing dust collectors, it is possible to save over 30 percent in installation cost and area.


Dust fallen off the bag filter from pulse air coagulates from centrifugal force and draws the dust into the cyclone on the lower part, effectively removing moisture and adhesive dust before their reaching the filter cloth.


CY-BAG filter system has already been delivered to over 300 sites such as facilities treating charcoal in major thermoelectric power plants of Korea, as well as charcoal moving facilities, incinerators and metal processing factories of the Korea Resources Corporation. In addition, we have signed contracts for and delivered 70 of the system as facilities to collect dust in charcoal boilers of the Datong coal field, one of the three major coal fields of China, where its performance was highly acknowledged.


In the case of charcoal moving facilities of the Korea Resources Corporation, they have come to replace only once in three years the filter from once in three months after using our company’s CY-BAG filter system, largely cutting down the management cost.

Product specifications


Not limited

Installation cost

Can save over 30 percent more than existing dust collectors of cyclone + bag filter type

Installation space

Can save over 30 percent more space than existing dust collectors

Operation cost

The replacement cycle is at least twice longer than existing bag filters

Installation cases

Charcoal processing sites of thermoelectric power plants (Yeongheung, Samcheonpo, Hadong, and Samcheok, etc.) charcoal moving facilities of the Korea Resources Corporation, Nestle’s coffee box incinerators, French company ATI’s incinerators for fabric waste and dust collectors of boilers of the Datong coal field.


Facilities to collect adhesive dust in charcoal treating facilities as well as facilities to filter emitted gas and collect dust of incinerators and boilers.


Contact Information
Sangmin Lee
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  • company J-E TECH
  • address 403 Hi-Technical Center GyeongGi Technopark Sa-dong, Sangnok-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-Do, Korea (South) 426-170
  • fax 82-31-500-4013
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