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Single Lever Mixer(Shower Mixer, Sink Mixer, Lavatory Mixer)

Nov 30, 2012 GMT

company DADA CORPORATION Verified Company  ECP Pro
Coutnry/Region Korea (South)Korea (South)
address B4-16 Panwol industrial estate , 731-5, Wongsi-dong, danwon-Gu, Ansan-city, Gyeonggi-Do, Korea (South) 425 -851
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Product Information


Product usage & applicable Area

♦ In the home bathroom, Kitchen, public toilet, hotel bathroom, restaurant, public bathroom

Advantage or strong points compared with

similar technologies & products

♦ Convenient function and unique feeling                      

♦ Stable and regular surface quality by automatic polishing production system

♦ Harmony both classic and modern atmosphere  

♦ Environmental familiar design

General illustration, features and specification of product

♦ Widely used in home bathroom, Kitchen, public bathroom, hotel toilet etc for washing, cleaning, take shower.

♦ Handle turning type and single lever type, thermostatic type as well.

♦ Customer can select various items what they are interested in.

♦ Unique design mixed up classical mode and modern mode 

Shower Mixer(DD-101 Series)

- Best design through human engineering technique

- Thermostat and single lever types are being produced

- Available to choose items according to space dimension, installation environment

- Service tool to make installation easier can be offered.

Sink Mixer(DD-200 Series)

- 2 kinds mode : wall-mount type, deck type according to installation situation

- Mixed-up classical, modern, fashionable, elegant mode

- Added spray and foam function to be used for customer's desire

- Created sensitive and refined atmosphere on food culture

Lavatory Mixer(DD-300 Series)

- Attractive bathroom feeling with active flow

- Everlasting durability by using ‘A’ grade components

- Realized most soft and comfortable water flow when washing.

- Best harmony by combining straight line and curved mode

Product standards/model

Shower mixer 

101F, 101Y, 101G, 101C, 101W, 101V, 101S, 101M etc.

Sink mixer 

272C, 2750AC, 2740A, 2730AC, 273V, 273W, 272C, 2760AC, 272Y, 272W, 272WD, 270W, 272V, 272S, 272SD etc.

Lavatory mixer

330F, 330Y, 330C, 330W, 330V, 330N, 330EN, 330M  330S, 3309 etc, 

Contact Information
Lee Kang Woo
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  • address B4-16 Panwol industrial estate , 731-5, Wongsi-dong, danwon-Gu, Ansan-city, Gyeonggi-Do, Korea (South) 425 -851
  • fax 82-31-491-2027
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