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RO Water Purifying System For Industrial Use (HCRO-600)

Dec 03, 2012 GMT

company HYUNDAI Wacortec Co., Ltd
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address A-301, HAGYE TECHNO-TOWN, 250-3, HAGYE-DONG, NOWON-GU, Seoul, Korea (South) 139-727
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Product Information



RO water purifying system for industrial use (HCRO-600)


On sites where about 2 tons of drinking water has to be supplied daily

Pros compared to products of similar technology of other Korean and global companies

-  Supplies purified water of about 6-20 times of undersink for home use

Our reverse osmosis water purifying method is evaluated as being the best method to remove bacteria, viruses and heavy metals. However, because general undersink’s purified water amount is limited, it is problematic when having to supply a large amount of water. To solve this problem, we adopted a highly efficient membrane while also parallel placing three to four membranes for effective purification. It is a system minimizing withdrawn water with greater purifying capacity than existing water purifiers. In addition, the compact design enables easy movement and simple installation anywhere.

 Overall explanation of the products and their characteristics

The HCRO Series products have doors on the exterior to minimize noise and to enable a compact design. They are produced for easy installation indoors. To continuously supply purified water, reverse osmosis is used for a five stage filtering process to produce the best quality purified drinking water.

1) The sediment filter filters waste and polluting items of over 5µm maximizing the filtering effect from the start and prolonging the filter life of the next stage.

2) Activated carbon is an aggregate of amorphous carbon particles with well developed minute pores of the size of dust capable of adsorption removing various polluting items in water based on a large internal surface area. In particular, it is outstanding for filtering remaining chlorine, organic matter adsorption and deodorization. 

3) The Carbon Block Filter has a large surface area and is excellent at filtering heavy metals. It adsorption filters odors, chromaticity, remaining chlorine, detergent, chemical elements, organic elements, heavy metals, and carcinogens. 

4) The RO Membrane Filter removes from water all polluting materials such as heavy metals, viruses, bacteria, and organic chemicals, and its reverse osmosis separates inorganic chemicals better than organic chemicals and electrolytes better than non-electrolytes and can thus remove not only graininess but also ion materials of small particle sizes.

5) The PCB Filter is a water purifier using a high-quality carbon filter made of coconut skin and it removes gas components and odor causing components for tasty water.

Product specifications


600 GPD (at 77℉ water temperature)

Membrane rejection

96 percent (typical)

Tank capacity

11 gallons


DC24V (water booster pump) * 2


20" Blue Housing * 3


One touch fittings

Solenoid Valve

DC24V 250mA * 2

Pressure gauge

Maximum 150psi


Input 100~240V 50~60Hz / Output DC24V 1.2A



Filter System

PP20"-GAC20"-CTO20"-300GPD RO Membrane * 2 - PCB


Contact Information
Alex Shin
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  • company HYUNDAI Wacortec Co., Ltd
  • address A-301, HAGYE TECHNO-TOWN, 250-3, HAGYE-DONG, NOWON-GU, Seoul, Korea (South) 139-727
  • fax 82-2-948-2342
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