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Sirocco Ballistic Screen

May 23, 2013 GMT

company ACI Chemical Asia Inc.   ECO Trust
Coutnry/Region Korea (South)Korea (South)
address Seoul Forest IT Valley, 77 Sung Soo-ilo, Sung-donggu, Seoul, Korea (South) 133-800
Contact Jessica Heo
Phone 82-2-6713-1164
fax 82-2-6213-6216
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Product Information

Sirocco Ballistic Screen is a hybrid system with the advantages of the Air Shifter and the Ballistic Screen. In the screen, heavy

weight materials are first separated by the air-shifting system, and light weight materials are put into the ballistic screen. From

the materials the materials with 3D shape(e.g., PET bottle and milk bottle) are being bounced and moving down to the lower

part of the paddles by the low gradability. On theother hand, paper and film materials with 2D shape are separated by climbing

up the paddles at different speeds according to their gradability. Dust blown by the wind from the blower during the air-shifting

are absorbed by the vacuum screen conveyor mounted on the ceiling of the ballistic screen and collected by the cyclone or bag

filter. Small size impurities are discharged below the screen through the holes of the ballistic paddles. The separation efficiency is almost 90% according to the test result that was performed by Korea Testing Laboratory in 2011. The screen is currently operating as a key machine in several material recovery facilities in Korea including Jeju MRF.

Contact Information
Jessica Heo ( admin team , deputy general manager )
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  • company ACI Chemical Asia Inc.
  • address Seoul Forest IT Valley, 77 Sung Soo-ilo, Sung-donggu, Seoul, Korea (South) 133-800
  • fax 82-2-6213-6216
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