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Oxygen Concentrator (O2 Aroma)
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Product Description
O2 Aroma will be able to argument a brain activity and promote effects of physical exercise. It is also alleviates high altitude symptoms including shortness of breath, headaches, fatigue, insomnia. The effect of oxygen to assist in the combustion of body fat. Simultaneously attaining the effect of health and a diet. 1. High Oxygen Purity - Supply 29~32% High oxygen Purity 2. Automatically Remove Moisture - Have a system and method to remove moisture 3. Minimizing the radiated sound power 4. O2 aroma functions to supply the body with oxygen and Aroma in which you prefer to take your body

Product Feature
Low levels of oxygen have been shown to cause the following symptoms. An abundant supply of oxygen to brain and body will help us health better. 
1. Speed up metabolism - Can promote the blood circulation and the metabolism 
2. Brain Works - Can stimulate the cell of brain improve the quality of thinking power and concentration 
3. Promoting effects of physical exercise - Can enhance the Exercise 
4. Eased hangovers - Can reduce the time of getting a head 
5. Effects for diet and beautiful skin - Can helps improve your skin's tone and clarity while supplying oxygen

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