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Reverse vending machine
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[Product name]

Dr. Boomerang


[Purpose and Applications]

It is a reverse vending machine (RVM) that informs about how much carbon dioxide is reduced, It is an automatic sorting and recovery system for cans and PET bottles.


[Merits or Strength compared to other similar domestic and overseas technologies and products]


Dr. Boomerang sorts out cans and PET bottles automatically.

It can inform about how much carbon dioxide can be reduced when cans and PET bottles are reused, which also give points to the users to increase their desire for reusing.


[General Descriptions and Features]

1. Will read the bar codes on cans and PET bottles to determine their materials before sorting them out and storing them.

2. Will read the membership card to open up the intake so any foreign materials will not be allowed to be placed in from the beginning stage.

3. A 17-inch touch screen is adopted. The screen can be used as an advertisement channel.

4. No need to prepare coins as points, not cash, will be saved.


Product Standard]


Width 100 ㎜ Length 800 ㎜ Height 1,75 0㎜


200 kg

Monitor size

17" LCD Touch Monitor


220 V