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UV-Visible Spectrophotometer
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Product Description 
High performance and low stray light 
: UV-3300 provides less than 1mm of spectral band pass width and 0.05% of stray light 

Excellent optic stability
: UV-3300 has been designed with split beam system and manufactured with superior optic parts and material ( Holographic concave grating, Split mirror, Deuterium lamp, Tungsten lamp etc ) 

Powerful function and convenient operation
: Fixed wavelength, Standard curve, Spectrum, Kinetic (Single & Multi ) 

Easy to use with 4-Type cell holder ( Option )

Product Specification / Models 
Hareware Specificication 
ㅣWavelength Range(nm) 190~1100 
ㅣDisplay Wavelength(nm) 0.1nm Step 
ㅣScan speed(nm/min) Max.1000 
ㅣLight source change(nm) 330~380 Selectable 
ㅣSpectral bandpass Width(nm) <1 
ㅣLight source Deuterium, Tungsten-halogen 
ㅣMonochromator Concave blazed holographic grating 
ㅣDetector Si Photodiode 
ㅣWavelength accuracy(nm) ±0.3 
ㅣWavelength Repeatability(%) <±0.05 
ㅣStray light <0.05 
ㅣPhotometric range -0.3~3ABS (0~200%T) 
ㅣPhotometric accuracy <1%at 1ABS 
ㅣPhotometric repeatability(ABS) ±0.002 ABS at 1ABS 
ㅣDrift(ABS/hr) <±0.001 after2hr warm-up 
ㅣBaseline flatness(ABS) ±0.002 ABS (after 1hr warm-up at 1100~200nm) 
ㅣNosie(ABS) <0.002 ABS Peak to Peak 
ㅣDisplay 6inch LCD 320 X 240 dot 
ㅣSample cell automatic Rotary type 8-position multi-cell 
ㅣ Power 100~120V(50/60Hz), 200~220V(50/60Hz) 
ㅣWeight(kg) 11kg 
ㅣDimension 440(W) x405(D)X235(H)mm 
ㅣAmbient temp.(°C) 15~35 
ㅣAmbient humidity.(%) <80% 
    Automatic Rotary type 8-position multi-cell(Standard) :10mmㅁ 
    4-type Cell Holder(Option) : 10mm□, 25mm□, 16mmΦ, 25mmΦ 
    Long Path Cell Holder(Option):50mmㅁ,100mmㅁ 
    Flow Cell Holder with Temp.Jacket(Option):10mmㅁ 

Software Specificication 
ㅣFixed Wavelength Measurment %T,ABS, Conc. 
ㅣSpectrum Measurement ABS, 0%T Kinetic: time 1sec~99hr, interval ≥1sec. Wavelength scan interval 0.1~5nm 
ㅣSpectrum Display 9 Data curves can be displayed in the same window multi tasking available 
ㅣData Processing Peak and valley(slope and distande setup) X and Y axis can zoom out and zoom in Snap function Pan function: X axic can be adjusted for the different wavelength and time Excel compatible(Web broser function) 
ㅣCalibration curve Regression(1~3 order) and segmented standard curve Manual: input concentration and ABS Equation parameter input Single & Multi point cailbration(1~99point) 
ㅣProcess Linking New analysis can be performed on the window of saved date