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WIP(Warm Isostatic Press)

Product Description WIP adopts same principle such as cold hydrostatic pressure press. Only different thing for WIP compared to cold hydrostatic pressure press is temperature. Generally, it WIP is being used below 100℃ or up to 120℃ if .....

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Stirred Autoclave System

Product Description Stirred Autoclave System of Ilshin Autoclave does not provide only basic devices of non-stirred autoclaves but also maximized the range of customer's choice in with the consideration for the use of purpose, features and .....

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S.C.F. System (Supercritical Fluid System)

Product Description Technology using supercritical fluids is largely classified into supercritical carbon dioxide and supercritical water technologies. Applied technologies using other kinds of fluids are not as popular as these two kinds. Applied .....

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Non-stirred Autoclave System

Product Description Our non-stirred autoclaves are designed and manufactured to meet the ASME Pressure Vessel Code and we, Ilshin Autoclave Co. Ltd., provide wide range of products, not only general model, for client's requirement and convenience. .....

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Nano Disperser

Product Description Producing small particles of materials with a small size orifice tube is key factor in the pharmaceutical and other industries. If fluid is passed through orifice module under highly pressurized state, it will bring shear, impact .....

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Product Description Our Magnedrive can be applicable to high speed, larger torque and larger horse power with Rare Earth Elements and is designed as pack less. It does not need stuffing box and shaft packing, so any other external elementary .....

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CIP(Cold Isostatic Press)

Product Description Cold isostatic press (CIP), as the word means, is a machine providing unilateral pressure to all directions to products that need to be formed by using fluid. For example, following the 1st forming process such as ceramic or .....

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