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Soundproof Booth
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[Product Name]
JYSP-01 (soundproof booth)
[Purpose and Applications]
Prevent noise in industrial equipment, such as press by installing inside or outside of factories
[Merits or Strength Compared to Other Similar Domestic and Overseas Technologies and Products]
The soundproof booths provided by Jungyoung Soundproof Co., Ltd. are different from the existing soundproof booths because they are specially designed for industrial sites to significantly reduce noise from press and they are prefabricated so that they can be easily installed anywhere.

[General Descriptions and Features]
- ‘JYSP-01’ is a soundproof booth for industry. An operator can enter the booth to repair equipment and it is designed to easily take materials in and out.
In addition, this product can significantly reduce noise in industrial sites and it is designed to easily maintain industrial equipment by opening the top of the booth.
- This soundproof booth is judged as the best product after having been installed in Korean industrial sites since 2008 (five years ago), and is a qualified product which maintains the superb performance until now. In addition, it is exported to Japan and other countries in cooperation with press manufacturers.
- This product has the best soundproof performance and structural stability through optimal design and is a distribution model so it is inexpensive compared to its performance. In addition, ‘JYSP-01' can be customized to the sites while maintaining the best performance.

[Product Standard]
Size It can be designed to fit for the working environment and for the size of the industrial equipment.
Stability It is safe against fire because it is made of incombustible sound-absorbing materials.
Mobility It is easy to move it because it is prefabricated.
Durability It has high durability because of high-quality finishing materials and double reinforcement.
Merit It is designed to easily maintain the industrial equipment.