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Use : The first place storing food wastes brought by trucks Dimension : 10000*8000*2500 Storage Capacity : 200m3/Batch

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Spray Gate

SPRAY GATE Use : The facility preventing outflow of a foul odor with Spray Gate at entance for food wastes trucks Method : Spray method through nozzle

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Primary Storage Tank

PRIMARY STORAGE TANK Use : Storage Tank In the middle of the process for supplying food wastes without a hitch

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Mono Pump

Mono Pump Use : Transference of pulverized food waste Capacity : 3.5kw*65A

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Fixed Quantity Storage Tank

FIXED QUANTITY STORAGE TANK Use : To apply food wastes with equal thickness on the conveyor belt in the screw-transferring method Dimension :

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Main Drying Machine

MAIN DRYING MACHINE Use : To dry sewage sludge through belt of endless track Method : Microwave-drying method Dimension : 25000*1400*H2000 / Processing Capacity : 20ton/20h Treated food waste & sludge are used as .....

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MGT Chiller

MGT CHILLER Use : Water-cooling magnetron device Processing Capacity : 40HP TANK Capacity : 6㎥(Transformer insulating oil)

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Control Room

CONTROL ROOM Use : Automation of entire Safety Control System Control system : Industrial PC, Control Board, Interface Board, Software / Treated food waste is used as feed and compost.

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Filter Housing

FILTER HOUSING Use : To filter dust out of water vapor Dimension : 800*1500/SUS304

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Deodorization Tower

DEODORIZATION TOWER Use : Device deodorizing harmful materials and foul odors induced from drying process Dimension : 2000*2000*H4500 Replenishment : Acid adhesion-active carbon Capacity : 8ton

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