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Fermentation Of Organic Waste (Organic Waste Composting Unit)

1. Product Description: - Logistics fermentation of organic waste - Fully enclosed fermentation unit - Trapezoidal high speed aerobic fermentatio - Upper input lower exhaust chain method - Automatic dispenser and .....

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Foreign Matter Selector (beat Selector)

1. General description of product: - Foreign matter selector among organic waste - Foreign matter selecting device and beater - Exhaust foreign matter to outside - Beating and crushing of organic matter below 5mm 2. .....

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Vehicle For Food Byproduct Removal And Feed/ Compost Recycling

1. General description of product: - Vehicle for food byproduct only - Enclosed type on-off hopper - Rotary drum for agitation and beater - Electronic control system and auto overloading intermittent device - Bottle .....

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