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Electrostatic Precipitator
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Product explanation
Air Clean System(E/P : Electrostatic Precipitator) is based on principle of electrostatic. E/P makes contaminated particles to be electrostatic materials and to be collected.  Air clean system is structured by Pre Filter, Ionizer, Collector and after filter.  So it’s called “Two Stage Charge”.
The function of pre filter sifts big contaminated particles out Ionizer, it makes contaminated particles to ionize by corona discharge which is applied high voltage (DC 10kv ~ 12kv), and then ionized particles is collected at collector.
High voltage (DC 5kv ~ 7kv) is supplied to Collector which is plate collected at regular distance. Even 0.01㎛ contaminated particle collected at Collector.
After Filter makes clean air coming out and prevents collected particle from coming out.  Air Clean System has benefit to filter 0.01㎛ particles. The ratio of efficiency is 90~99%. And user enjoy fresh air and deodorized by ion. You can use it in safety because it has protect system from over-load & over-current.
If your Ionizer & Collector is sticked dust, you can clean them easily, using air brush or water.  So you can use it semi-permanently, further more, it save from extra  charge (manage & maintain).

Product Specification
Model name : SA-30
Input voltage : AC 230V / 50, 60Hz  1Ø
Power consumption : 380W (Using motor)
Air flow : 30CMM Max.
Wind pressure : 100mAq
Noise : 68dB
Efficience : 90~99%
Weight : About 80kg