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Automobile Exhausted Gas Analyzer

Recently, we have come to complete the development of Automobile Exhaust Gas Analyzer(Model : Autochek 974/5, Autochek 982), Diesel Cars & Trucks Emission Smoke Analyzer(Model : Autochek Smoke), Gas Cooler, and Autochek Gas & Smoke. The .....

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Gas Cooler

Product Description Gas Cooler SGC-2000 is used to remove water in the gas. It is consisted of cooler, temperature sensor , temperature controller, power supply, sample gas in/out port and filter. The front panel of the gas cooler have the display .....

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Autochek Smoke

Product Description Smoke Opacity Mete is designed to measure the smoke emissions of diesel cars and truck. Smoke Opacity Meter users the partial stream technique which provides for direct and continuous measurements of the smoke sample. This .....

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Autocheck 982

Product Description Autocheck 982 is a portable automobile exhaust gas analyzer that uses sngle beam, no dispersive infrared(NDIR) detector technology to determine CO and HC concentration. Autocheck 982 exceeds the performance requirements of OLML R .....

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Dust Analyzer(P-5C)

Product Description The P-5C Particulate monitor performs continuous, non-extractive mass concentration measurements – simply and reliably- in a wide variety of applications Product Feature Measurement range : 1-20,000 mg/Actual m3 Scale .....

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Autocheck 974/5

Product Description Autocheck 974/5 is a portable automobile exhaust gas analyzer that uses single beam, non dispersive infrared(NDIR) determine CO, CO2 and HC concentration, O2 and NOx are deteted by electrochemical sensors. Autocheck 974/5 also .....

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Autocheck Gas & Smoke

Product Description Autochek Gas & Smoke Analyzer integrates Gaseous(CO, CO2, HC, O2, No, Lambda, or AFR) analyzer of Gasoline or LPG cars and Smoke Opacity Analyzer of Diesel Vehicle as one unit. And we actuated Diesel Engine RPM/Temperature .....

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