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HM2 HM2 (YHPP/YHPV series) FILTER SYSTEM, which is water treatment system with high efficiency, multi function and multi purpose, can apply various membrane materials and pore sizes with treatment purposes, and the system shows excellent treatment efficiency and is very compact because of integration of various processes (coagulation, precipitation, flotation, filtration and sterilization) into the one reactor.

And filtration pressure of this system does not increase without regard to the lapse of operation time because it adopts the upflow method through inflow induce pipe, and the system can uniformly maintain the membrane filtrationability by sequential back washing process in real time.

Therefore HM2 filter system is a high efficient complex filter system.

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  • company 자유나라
  • address 구로구 구로3동, 구로구, Seoul,  05252
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